reza kazempour

Reza Kazempour

Former working student for the TU Dresden's Career Service, with two master degrees in separate fields. A Master of Science in Water Engineering and Resources Management and a Master of Science in Ecosystem Services. After several years of working experience, I was able to combine academic knowledge with practical experience. Presently, I'm working as an academic project manager in an academic setting in order to refine my skills.

I have a proven track record as a former Head of Sales Control at IranAirtour airline, and I successfully established and managed my own company, overseeing various projects from inception to fruition. In addition, I'm an avid hackathon participant with diverse theme, with more interest on Blockchain.

There is a wide range of software skills that I possess, as well as knowledge of multiple programming languages. The ability to communicate in five different languages is one of my strengths.

Participating in hackathons has not only sharpened my problem-solving abilities and creativity but has also instilled a rapid and adaptable approach to project management. My diverse skill set, creative mindset, and experience enable me to thrive in collaborative team environments and consistently deliver exceptional results.

Dresden, Saxony